Friday, September 21

M3 Girls

This may be a bit of a silly and short post, but as usual I have something I would really like to share! At the age of 10 this girl started a line of jewelery, and by the age of 15 she is in over 1000 stores and - wait for it - a millionaire. Are you jealous yet? You will be once you see what her product is!

So first off there is that ever famous line, "Why didn't I think of that?" or alternatively, "I could do that!" When these phrases pop up you know that the person or product in question is damn good!

Before you get too jealous or frustrated though, remember that this girl must have had all her cards lined up nicely to be able to start a business at the age of ten. Her upbringing was clearly entrepreneurial (clearly a growing trend), and I have to assume her mom has some business savvy, otherwise creating a production line that you could successfully distribute to stores would probably not have happened. Still, you can feel free to be jealous about the fact that her situation seems to have been absolutely perfect.

If we take a glance back to her first product, it was just a bottle cap with a design painted inside, and I assume hidden underneath some resin. I'm not sure why, but I see these resin/image/bottle cap things everywhere now - or at least in conventions, which is the only time I've looked at jewelery in the past year. Screw wrapping your head around the fact that she's a millionaire from these things, I can't understand how they can be popular enough that anyone can produce them in bulk! Maybe I'm just past that type of trend though, or maybe no one gave me the memo as to why they are so neat.

Then again, I can't wear too much jewelery due to the environment of the studio, so maybe I would love them more if I had a use for them?

At any rate, I guess M3's moral would be as follows: Start small > make something you like > make something other people like too > keep at it and be prepared to grow when necessary (don't jump the gun!).

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