Friday, November 23

Evan Penny: Streeeeeeeeeetch!

This week at the AGO I saw an exhibition in the contemporary section by Evan Penny. If anyone else ever has a chance to see his work, I suggest it 100%!

What he does is sculpt larger than life figures out of clay, make a mold, then cast them out of silicone. He also painstakingly (it has to be) inserts every single individual bit of hair with a needle. These sculptures were so life like that while staring at the over-sized ones I was waiting, seriously I was just waiting for one of them to move. To blink, look at me, say something - anything! I stood back and thought, "Geez, if giants came and wanted to eat us (like in so many of my mangas) this is what it would be like. This guy could just bite my head off." It was creepy. I loved it.

His other pieces weren't just unbelievably realistic, they played on perspective in the most wonderous way. These really aren't pieces you can talk about, nor even pieces you can understand with the use of a video aid, you have to see them.

This one was probably the closest to 'mind blowing' that any artist will ever get. Also she has 5 nostrils.

Now you see him, now you don't?

Her eyes were my afvorite thing about this.

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